General Article Fears for 'privatisation' of higher education

Topic Selected: Education
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General Secretary Philip Parkin said: ‘We fear for the future of higher education in this country. Raising fees and withdrawing state funding from many courses will lead to the effective privatisation of university education as graduates shoulder the costs instead of the Government.
‘Research has indicated that the fee rises could deter students and we are concerned that students from poorer families in particular will be deterred from attending universities charging higher fees or even from going to university at all.
‘Replacing state funding for many courses with income from student fees and “rating” degrees according to graduate employment rates and salaries would demonstrate a truly cynical disregard for the value of education. Those who advocate such schemes know the price of everything but the value of nothing. Liberal Democrat ministers have already abandoned their principles over tuition fees. Politicians, many of whom benefited from a uni

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