General Article Fighting wildlife trafficking online

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The Internet is the world’s largest marketplace. Un-regulated, anonymous and virtually unlimited in reach, it offers endless opportunities for criminal activities, among them a flourishing illegal trade in protected wildlife. IFAW’s investigations of this trade have revealed a shocking array of wildlife and wildlife products for sale online.


Among them:

  • Elephant ivory
  • Tiger bags, tiger-bone medicine and even a live ‘pet’ tiger, as well as cheetah coats and leopard skins
  • Products made from rhino horns and elephant parts
  • Whole shells and jewellery items made from the endangered hawksbill turtle
  • An emerging market in endangered birds and their eggs
  • Live primates for sale, including one gorilla offered by a seller claiming to be in London, and four baby chimpanzees
  • Traditional bear bile medicines ‘farmed’ in the most cruel ways from the black bear
  • Shahtoosh shawls made from the wool of an endangered Tibetan antelope – which the sale or purchase of is illegal
  • Live reptiles...

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