General Article Five examples of sustainable tourism around the world

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By Sarah Farell

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and can provide an essential economic boost for countries pitching themselves as holiday destinations. Tourism, however, has historically had devastating effects on the environment, people and their cultural identities.

Enter the concept of sustainable tourism, which according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization must:

  • Conserve environmental resources and protect biodiversity
  • Respect and preserve the cultures of host communities whilst benefiting them
  • Address the needs of the visitors and industry whilst providing socio-economic benefit to all.

In order for tourism to continue and for us to live within our planetary bounds and respect all people, the only option is for the world to move away from unconscious, mass tourism and learn from the existing examples of thriving sustainable tourism models.

What are some examples of sustainable tourism?

1. Controlled tourism in Bhutan

Bhutan, located in t...

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