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In recent years, we’ve seen many exciting and innovative mobile apps hit the digital marketplace – apps that help connect farmers in India to markets, help medical workers gather health data and treat patients in Malawi, and help people fundraise on the go. But what about the aid workers who often risk their lives just doing their jobs? Any helpful apps to make their jobs a bit easier?

So, I’m sharing five mobile apps specifically created for humanitarian aid workers or… the humanitarian at heart.


Global Emergency Overview

Global Emergency Overview is my favourite among the five. This app is beautifully designed and works to inform humanitarian decision makers by presenting a summary of major humanitarian crises, both recent and protracted. It is designed to provide answers to four questions:

  • Which humanitarian crises currently exist?
  • What has happened in the last seven days?
  • What is the situation in the country affected by a crisis?
  • Which countries could be prioritised ...

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