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By Florin Nedelcu

For some people, a week on a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive beach resort is pure torture. Others prefer museums and a posh hotel over a hike through a national park. Ecotourism? Sounds like a great way to get a snake bite. For others, however, absolute heaven.
The point, of course, is to illustrate that diverse catalysts compel us to travel. Different reasons motivate different people to leave home and explore the world. With that expressly in mind, here are five types of alternative tourism.

Disaster tourism

Disaster tourism’ is somewhat of a paradox. In the name of self-preservation after all, most people flee from natural disasters. A slim, intrepid minority, however, prefer to fling themselves into the eye of the storm, as it were, or show up to observe the aftermath. Less aid workers and more storm chasers, these adrenaline fiends just like to watch.
Some notable disaster tourism sites include South Asia and South-East Asia after the Indian Ocean earthqua...

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