General Article Five ways to tackle SAD

Topic Selected: Depression
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Professor Anne Farmer, consultant psychiatrist

‘Half an hour to an hour under a 10,000 lux “daylight lamp” every morning from September or October to March or April, can really help, especially for people who are “larks” who are usually brighter first thing in the morning.

‘“Owls”, people who perk up at night may find early evening more helpful. It’s important to stay under the lamp for the required length of time and not to keep getting up and down.

‘Antidepressants can help some either with light therapy or on their own. Depending on severity I might also prescribe Prozac or another SSRI.

‘A serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor such as venlafaxine, a drug that creates both more of both hormones can help increase alertness and energy as well as tackling the depression.’


Marilyn Glenville, nutritional therapist

‘An underactive thyroid can up the risk of depression and women are prone to this, especially as they get older so I’d encourage patients to get a thyroid ...

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