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Fleeing the Fighting: How conflict drives the search for asylum, is a report released on 14 June 2004 to mark the start of Refugee Week (14-20 June 2004). It reveals how conflict causes people to flee their homes, friends and family to seek sanctuary in other countries, including the UK.

The report also reveals the impact these conflicts have on asylum claims to the UK. According to available Home Office statistics, up to three-quarters (around 74%) of asylum applications are made by people from countries where conflicts are occurring, as defined by the International Institute of Strategic Studies.(1)

Conflict is just one of the global causes of forced migration and displacement, and many people around the world still face persecution in countries that are not at war, such as Zimbabwe, where human rights abuses are well documented. People also flee conflict countries for other human rights reasons.

The report, from organisations including Amnesty International, Refugee Action, Ref...

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