General Article Food poverty on the rise as recession hits home

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You might normally associate Salisbury with cathedrals and green wellies. But Channel 4 News visited for another reason: to find out about foodbanks.
The Trussell Trust in Salisbury is one of dozens of US-style charity operations that have grown up unannounced around the country, handing out parcels of food to people unable to put a meal on the table.
Tens of thousands each year get food parcels – mostly referred by GPs, health visitors, police, schools.


But there is a new phenomenon being reported by the foodbanks which throws light on life in Britain for many today. They say their biggest growing cohort of people coming for help getting food on the table are people who either have an income, or people in a household where there is an income.
In-work poverty was a growing phenomenon in the UK – the latest estimate is that 53 per cent of working-age households in poverty have at least one working adult. This is around 2.3 million households, after factoring in housing costs. ...

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