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Do soldiers get paid?

Yes. All soldiers get a wage that is closely linked to what they might be paid in civilian life. Extra allowances for things like going on operations or for doing certain types of job can help increase soldiers’ wage packets even further.

Where do soldiers live?

The Army makes accommodation available for all its soldiers. Many people live in one-person rooms with en-suite bathrooms. This is called Z-class accommodation and new blocks of it are being completed all the time. The soldiers all pay rent, but this is at a much reduced rate compared to civilian housing.

Where do soldiers eat?

When they’re based in barracks, soldiers have plenty of options. They can eat in one of the restaurants on the base or they can cook in one of the communal kitchens in their accommodation block. If soldiers live off the base in their own houses, they can eat on the base or cook for themselves.

What types of food are available?

Soldiers can eat exactly the same range of foo...

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