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When I publish information on the web, who does it belong to?

Read privacy statement and terms and conditions, this should inform you.

Who owns an image/photograph of me that is posted online?

The person who took the photo owns it unless they have agreed something different.

Who owns the rights over an image of me that I have placed online?

Unless you have signed website terms of use that say something different, then you own the rights over an image that you have placed online. Note that many websites have terms of use that say that anything that you post will belong to them so take care!

If I post an anonymous comment on somebodies page, can they find out who I am?

Yes they can, via the IP address. An IP address of the computer that you used to access the site will be available to the site owner. This could be used to trace you.

How do I delete information online?

Who published it? If you were not the person who posted the information then ask them to remove it, see below...

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