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Fur is fashionable

Retail fur sales continue to rise in the UK and globally. The global fur trade is now worth $15 billion US ($4.5 billion EU, $10.6 billion non EU).

The number of national and international designers using fur has been steadily growing. Currently, more than 500 designers use fur worldwide.
Fur is produced humanely and in accordance with international, national and regional welfare laws and regulations. In Europe, which produces two thirds of the world’s farmed fur, the fur farming sector is governed and abides by European animal welfare law as well as the Council of Europe standards. In addition to that the fur sector itself invests in animal welfare research on an ongoing basis.
Fur farming plays a valuable role in the recycling chain by making efficient use of the animal by-products of the fish and poultry industries. Each year over one million tonnes of these by-products are used in the EU alone.
Wild fur accounts for 15%–20% of the total amount of fur sold glob...

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