General Article Fury over Primark's padded bikinis for children

Topic Selected: Sexualising Society
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Retailer Primark has been accused of exploiting children over its decision to sell a padded bikini top for young girls.

Child protection consultant Shy Keenan, of The Phoenix Chief Advocates, which helps victims of paedophiles, said: ‘It never fails to amaze me just how many High Street household names are now prepared to exploit the disgusting “paedophile pound”.’

She added: ‘You should never sexualise children.

‘Kids may be learning how to look sexy in an adult way but no one is teaching them what to do if they receive unwelcome robust adult attention.’

Primark, which has 138 UK stores and 38 in Ireland, says on its website: ‘Every girl wants to look her best and at Primark we make no exception for the younger ladies. All the high fashion trends can be found in our Girlswear section, no matter what age you are.’

Ms Keenan said The Phoenix Chief Advocates was urging shoppers to support its stance by refusing to spend their money at Primark.

‘We say boycott Primark until they ...

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