General Article Gay people divided over same-sex marriage

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The first ever professionally-conducted poll of gay people’s attitudes to same-sex marriage has revealed widespread indifference to the Government’s proposal. Only 39% think redefining marriage is a priority for gay people, only half say it is important to them personally, while just over one in four (27%) say they would get married if the law permitted it.

The poll reveals deep suspicion among gay people about David Cameron’s motives (fewer than one in five believe the Prime Minister is backing the move out of conviction) while fewer than half accept Stonewall’s argument that a legal distinction between civil partnerships and same-sex marriage perpetuates discrimination.

The online poll by ComRes for Catholic Voices surveyed 541 adults between 17 April and 20 May who describe themselves as gay/lesbian or bisexual. This is the first detailed study of gay peoples’ attitudes to the Government’s plans to redefine marriage. Among its most significant findings:

  • More than a quarter (...

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