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Topic Selected: Gender Equality
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What is it?

Sexual identity, especially in relation to society or culture; the condition of being female or male.
Gender refers to socially-constructed roles and learned behaviours and expectations associated with females and males. When talking about gender, people usually talk about gender inequality – women and girls having fewer opportunities in life simply because they are female. The term gender, however, also refers to boys and men, who are equally defined by the rights and roles ‘assigned’ to them. Giving equal rights and consideration to girls and women should not take the same away from males.
While women worldwide have made great strides to prove they are as smart and capable as men, in many countries they are still not treated as equals. Girls and women aren’t given the same rights, opportunities, responsibilities and choices in life that boys and men consider their birthright.

Why should I care?

Women represent half of the world’s population. This double standard for g...

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