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By Katie Anderson and Hannah Thompson

Almost half of Brits (45%) disagree with the idea of introducing female quotas on the boards of London Stock Exchange companies, our poll has found.

  • 45% do not support quotas to get more women onto the boards of large financial companies.
  • 30% agree with gender quotas, while a further 25% aren’t sure either way.
  • 57% of men think that having minimum quotas of women on London Stock Exchange companies isn’t a good idea (21% support quotas).
  • Compared to a third (33%) of women who oppose the measures (and 38% who support the idea).

The issue of gender quotas has been a subject for renewed discussion in the past few weeks, as a Government inquiry into male boardroom dominance has recommended that FTSE 100 companies aim for a 25% female boardroom presence by 2015. The report stopped short of advising in favour of compulsory quotas, however.

Best woman for the job?

Lord Davies, who led the review, spoke for change ‘to ensure that more talente...

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