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Did you know?

  • Almost one third of students in the UK say they’d prefer to cycle to school or college but only 1% actually do!
  • The number of students getting a lift to school doubled in the last 20 years.
  • In a traffic jam, the pollution inside a car can be up to three times higher than outside.

Carbon footprint: transport

Cars account for a whopping 13% of the UK’s CO2 emissions. That’s a massive contribution to global warming. More and more school runs are done by car even though there are other (greener) ways. And it’s not just students either, teachers are just as bad. Transport is 17% of the carbon footprint of your average school or college. You could make a serious dent in this by getting staff and students out of cars and into the alternatives: cycling, walking and public transport. Not only are they much greener but they are healthier, cheaper, quicker (usually) and they give you more freedom. Read on for loads of practical ideas for projects to reduce your school o...

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