General Article Get the best out of your me-time

Topic Selected: Adolescent Health Book Volume: 395

By Alice Ford

The end of lockdown is almost in sight, but we’ve still got some time before we get there. So what can you do to make the most of your time right now? We caught up with NCS Grad Alice who gave us her ideas on getting the best out of your me-time... 

We all know how easy it is to spend every day of lockdown aimlessly scrolling through social media or binging Netflix shows with a bag of Doritos. And while that isn’t the worst way to spend time, it can lead to feeling bogged down, lethargic and even trigger mental health issues. 

So, here are my ideas on one person activities you can do to keep yourself busy and feeling inspired! Try to do one or more of these activities every day so that you feel productive, have a routine and have things to look forward to.

Arts and crafts

There are so many crafts to choose from, and with YouTube tutorials you’ll be able to find something you love in no time. Why not look up origami, colouring, knitting, embroidery, calligraphy, or more...

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