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We’d be wrong. Facebook an elderly-free zone? Definitely not – over-65s are the fastest growing age group there. Online dating a younger person’s game? Think again – over-50s are joining faster than any other age group.
Society is slowly waking up to the fact that the Internet is a place which can benefit everyone and that the elderly are using it more than ever.
It’s no wonder, since this is the generation which has most to gain. Many parents bemoan the fact their kids spend too much time online and ought to be outside playing and being active. For the elderly, opportunities for going out can become more restricted, making the benefits to be had from surfing much greater. So it’s time for the young to start bemoaning the fact their elderly parents aren’t spending time online! Indeed, you should do everything you can to make that happen!

The benefits of senior surfing

When you stop to think, suddenly it becomes clear just how vast the potential is for improving the quality...

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