General Article Girls don't want to be princesses. They want to be hot

Topic Selected: Gender Equality
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By Una Purdie, WVoN co-editor

Five-year-old girls already striving to be ‘sexually exciting or excited’ is a worrying development, but not a surprising one.
Sexualised imagery has become a normal backdrop to children’s lives. The bombardment comes from every angle, and takes many forms; from the less-than-subtle, direct marketing of sex-industry related goods, such as pole-dancing toys and Playboy-branded pencil cases, to the narrow, sexualised role of women and girls in films, music videos and magazines.
The age of models is also getting younger; witness the images in last December’s Vogue Paris. Heavily made-up girls as young as six years old, sprawled on beds in high-heels, surrounded by leopard skin.
Is this innocent dressing-up, or sending the message that they are mini-adults and sexually available?
In what an Australian Research Institute paper called ‘corporate paedophilia’, girls are being given a clear message from an early age: their bodies are sexual commodities, and their ...

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