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Current situation/policy

Q. What is the current situation with GM crops in the UK?

There are currently no GM crops being grown in the UK. They have previously been grown for research and development purposes at a number of sites. The main example of this was the Farm-Scale Evaluation (FSE) trials that ended in 2003. No GM crops are expected to be grown here commercially before 2009 at the earliest. For the foreseeable future, the only crops likely to be proposed for cultivation in the UK are commodity crops - e.g. oilseed rape - not horticultural products like fruits and vegetables.

Q. What is the Government's policy on GM crops?

The Government set out its policy on the commercial growing of GM crops in a statement to Parliament in March 2004. This reflected a careful evaluation of all the available information including the reports from the GM public debate, science review and costs and benefits study. No other country has undertaken such a comprehensive assessment of t...

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