General Article Governing and paying for England's roads

Topic Selected: Sustainable Transport
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The problem

The nation already has some of the most crowded roads in the world. Government expects a rise in population of 16% by 2033 and a return to economic growth. All indications are that traffic and congestion will increase.
Under the present system more expenditure on roads requires more funding from the Exchequer. Unless this is changed the general financial crisis will make it almost impossible to find resources to manage and cater for these growing needs.
Currently there is no direct relationship between the ‘charges’ paid by users – some £47 billion in 2009 – and the quantity and quality of what is provided in return. There are neither guaranteed standards of journey speed and reliability, nor compensation for delays incurred by the road-travelling public, which is common for other modes of transport.
There is also a striking lack of long-term, strategic thinking. Whilst the Government has established a systematic process of five-year plans for railways with an associated f...

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