General Article Government review of waste policy 2011

Topic Selected: Waste and Recycling
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What this means for the environment

Why waste matters

Sustainable waste policies are an important part of tackling climate change and protecting our natural resources. If we want a more sustainable economy, we need to reduce waste and make better use of what we produce. That’s why the Government has reviewed and improved its waste policies. This factsheet tells you what we plan to do and how it will help the environment.

A zero waste economy

Despite good progress in reducing waste, the UK is still sending 44 million tonnes a year to landfill. This generates methane emissions and the waste sector is estimated to account for around 3% of all UK emissions. But the overall impact of waste policies on reducing carbon across the economy goes much further. The Government wants to move beyond this throwaway society to a ‘zero waste economy’ where we re-use and recycle all we can and throw away only as a last resort.

Prevention is best

Our first aim should be to prevent waste by being ...

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