General Article Greater treatment options for women with fertility problems

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More women can receive appropriate and timely fertility treatment such as IVF, following updated guidelines from NICE.

Infertility is a common medical condition which can have devastating, painful, and life-long effects extending to personal relationships and wider family.

It is caused by various reasons, with a quarter of cases unexplained, a further quarter caused by ovulatory disorders, and 30 per cent of cases due to factors affecting male fertility.

The condition affects around one in seven heterosexual couples, with both the number of people affected by fertility problems, and those seeking help for them, increasing over the past decade.

The rising number of people seeking help coincides with an increasing trend for couples to start families later in life, despite fertility declining rapidly with age, especially after 35. In 2011, women who received fertility treatment were 35 years old on average, and had been trying to conceive for around four years.

NICE has updated it...

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