Half of young offenders are themselves victims, finds new study

Topic Selected: Crime and Justice

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Half of 11- 17-year-olds in the hands of Youth Offending Services have themselves been the victim of abuse, violence, crime or other traumatic experiences, finds a new report by Middlesex University. Most of these have emotional and mental health needs that are linked to these experiences.

The research, conducted by Middlesex University for the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC), is intended to inform the development of support services for young people who have offended but have themselves been a victim of crime, abuse and violence.

Signs or disclosure of past traumatic experiences may only become apparent after an offender has been in the system for a period of time. The report also calls for all Youth Offending Services to review screening processes for emotional and mental health distress, and provide training in recognising signs and vulnerability.

The report’s lead author, Middlesex University Associate Professor in Criminology David

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