General Article Have the Olympics ushered in a new, positive Britain?

Topic Selected: Citizenship in the UK
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Given the whirlwind of winners, anthems, and evenings when it didn’t seem possible to watch anything but the Olympics whatever the sport, Britain is feeling a bit more able to say to the world that ‘look this is who we are’ and we are feeling pretty good about it, and we are feeling it might change Britain for ever.

Critics might have lapsed back into a post-Olympic slump, but they have not taken the public with them. Buoyed by the feeling of connection during the Games, we are now feeling surprisingly positive that it will have a long-term impact, and confident in a Britain that reflects who we are today.

Not surprisingly there has been a shift in how many people think that the Olympics could be good for British mood, with a high 80% saying it has been, compared with 53% who thought it would be a good mood boost when British Future polled the question in December last year.

The reality has exceeded expectations, and how often can we say that? The combination of superb medal-winn...

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