General Article Have you been on the end of scrounger abuse?

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It’s now almost a year since the Paralympics started and we’ve been asking disabled people and their families if they feel the games made a difference to their day-to-day lives. 

There’ll be a lot of discussion next week about legacy. Scope is going to be urging journalists and the Government to listen to disabled people’s views.

One issue that keeps coming up is ‘benefits scrounger rhetoric’, and how this leads to people being abused in the street and being trolled online.

We asked on Twitter and Facebook for people to share their own experiences.

Bullying and abuse

Some people responded with shocking stories of unprovoked verbal and physical abuse:

‘Just the other night one Twitter account dedicated to highlighting the abuse of blue badge bays decided to shut down because of the abuse it gets. One of my friends is seeking a judicial review and they tried to use his Twitter use against him. I have a specific troll who tells me I am just lazy, I could work if I tried and so-on...

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