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What makes a relationship safe and healthy?

There’s no set time to be in a relationship, but if you do feel ready to start one, it’s important to think about how you feel. Relationships can bring out the best in us, make us feel happy and naturally make us want to spend more time with the other person.

But sometimes it can be confusing and difficult to assess whether you’re in a healthy relationship, or to know when things aren’t quite right

Feeling safe, emotionally and physically, is an essential foundation for any intimate relationship. A safe relationship should be supportive and accepting, and you should be able to share your feelings without fear. Sometimes, a relationship may start safe, but become increasingly unsafe, making it harder to identify when the relationship is no longer healthy. However, it is important that your relationship, be it with a romantic partner, your parents or friends, should enhance your life and elevate the happiness you already have.

If there is an...

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