General Article Holidays in the 1990s and now

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Since the 1990s, we’re going on more holidays... but they’re shorter than they used to be. Explore three decades of changing tourism habits.

In the last 20 years, UK tourists have turned their backs on traditional 2-week holidays in favour of short breaks and week-long trips. And one-day ‘booze cruises’ across the Channel to stock up on alcohol and cigarettes are much less common than they used to be.

Going abroad on holiday in the 1990s was very different. Hardly anyone had access to the internet, so you probably booked your trip by going to a travel agent or finding a cheap package deal on Teletext. Once you arrived at your destination, clutching your guide book, film camera and travellers cheques, you were pretty incommunicado, unless you found a phone box or an internet cafe.

We looked at data from our International Passenger Survey in 1996 and 2016 to uncover the biggest differences in our holiday habits between the 1990s

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