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Feeling homesick is not a sign of weakness

Factors that increase your chances of becoming homesick may include being emotionally close to your family, not having spent much time away from home in the past, leaving behind a boyfriend or girlfriend, or not being sure that university is right for you.

Whatever the reason, feeling homesick is not a sign of weakness and there’s no reported difference between the sexes in its incidence.

The physical symptoms

Homesickness is a well-documented phenomenon. Physical symptoms range from constant or frequent crying, difficulty sleeping, and changes in appetite, to nausea, dizziness and headaches. Mental symptoms include depression, anxiety and lack of concentration.


Tips for combating homesickness

Make your new room your own by decorating it with familiar things from home.

Stay in touch with family

Stay in touch with your folks, but give yourself time to settle in before arranging a visit home, as it may make your homesickness worse....

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