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What is litter?

Litter includes materials often associated with smoking, eating and drinking, which are improperly discarded and left by members of the public, or items that are spilt during waste management operations. Litter may also include faeces such as dog, bird and other animal faeces.

The survey measures the incidence of different types of litter present in public spaces, such as smoking related, confectionery litter and dog fouling. The proportions of litter from different sources, such as general litter (dropped by a member of the public) and domestic litter (dropped as part of refuse collections, or otherwise emanating from a domestic source), are also recorded.

The maintenance of an area (or lack of) can have an effect on litter levels. Litter in landscaped areas was noted on several occasions by surveyors, in particular mown litter. This indicates that litter is not being cleared before grounds maintenance activities are occurring.

What types of litter are affecting...

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