General Article How do I check for cancer?

Topic Selected: Adolescent Health Book Volume: 395
  • It’s good to be aware of how your body usually looks and feels, but there’s no need to check yourself at a set time or in a set way
  • Take charge and speak to your doctor if you notice anything’s that’s not normal for you
  • Spotting cancer at an early stage can save lives

This article explains our evidence-based views on self-checking for cancer. We know that this information may be surprising for some people. But the best research shows that there’s no special time or way that you need to check your body.

We cover breasts or chest, and testicles in more detail on this page because these are the most talked about body parts when it comes to self-checking. 

What should I look for?

You know your body best. If you notice anything that’s unusual for you, or won’t go away, make an appointment to speak to your doctor.

It’s not possible to know all the different signs and symptoms of cancer, and it’s not your job to know what’s wrong. So the best thing you can do is to tell your doctor if yo...

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