General Article How do I know if a processed food is high in fat, saturated fat, sugar or salt?

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There are guidelines to tell you if a food is high or low in fat, saturated fat, salt or sugar. These are:

Total fat

  • High: more than 17.5 g of fat per 100 g
  • Low: 3 g of fat or less per 100 g

Saturated fat

  • High: more than 5 g of saturated fat per 100 g
  • Low: 1.5 g of saturated fat or less per 100 g


  • High: more than 22.5 g of total sugars per 100 g
  • Low: 5 g of total sugars or less per 100 g


  • High: more than 1.5 g of salt per 100 g (or 0.6 g sodium)
  • Low: 0.3 g of salt or less per 100 g (or 0.1 g sodium)

For example, if you are trying to cut down on saturated fat, try to limit the amount of foods you eat that have more than 5 g of saturated fat per 100 g.

If the processed food you want to buy has a nutrition label that uses colour-coding, you will often find a mixture of red, amber and green. So, when you’re choosing between similar products, try to go for more greens and ambers, and fewer reds, if you want to make a healthier choice.

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