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The terrorists responsible for the failed attacks in London and Glasgow may not have claimed any lives, but they did claim reputations. Theos' recent research into the attempts' effects on public perception shows that their actions were not without negative consequences. 71% of those questioned thought the events to have given Islam a bad name, while 54% felt the standing of religion in general to have suffered.

The findings come on the back of an announcement that Gordon Brown's cabinet will no longer refer to the Islamic religion in connection with terrorism. Gone too is the controversial 'War on Terror' label, which occasioned so much comment when it was first adopted by Brown's predecessor. As the new PM looks to redefine the terms of the debate so as to avoid stoking community divisions - part of a broader agenda which has also seen the revival of traditional symbols of British unity - Theos' research raises some important questions about how we engage as a society with religio...

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