General Article How does the NHS compare?

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Much of the current public discussion about the NHS, particularly during the passage of the Health & Social Care Act, is ill-informed, and often merely repeats government propaganda. This aims to convince people that the NHS is failing, in order to justify their destructive changes. The real story about the NHS is very different. The information below is taken from independent, international studies, which looked at the delivery of healthcare in the major western countries, and the NHS comes out looking very good! 

How effective is the NHS?

The NHS was ranked first in terms of access to healthcare, with ability to pay not being an issue. This is often ignored, because we are now so used to being able to go to our doctor. But for many countries, this is a problem – the most extreme being the USA, where over 40 million people have no access to regular healthcare because they cannot afford health insurance. 

There are problems in the NHS – need for improvements in waiting lists and ...

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