General Article How heavy traffic harms us

Topic Selected: Sustainable Transport
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‘I am a cyclist, and breathe in car exhaust fumes while cycling, have to take evasive action to avoid careless drivers, but can also see the detrimental effects of excessive car use on “communities”: which are cut up, local shops are displaced to (car necessary) shopping centres on the outskirts of towns, and all the time increasing numbers of cars leads to increasing fear on the part of parents to let their children walk, let alone cycle, to school.’
‘Cycling between the hours of 4pm and 6pm is very difficult in my area (Bury, Lancashire) because of very intimidating traffic. There is no way I would regularly commute by bike, particularly when the evenings are dark in winter. Therefore I commute by car, which adds to the general congestion.’
‘I commute daily by bicycle, a round trip of some seven miles, perfect for cycling. I have been doing this for many years, although I also drive regularly, and I walk frequently. So I regard myself as a regular guy: I like to...

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