General Article How HR, D&I practitioners, CEOs & line managers can support black colleagues

Topic Selected: Racism Book Volume: 376

By Petunia Thomas, MBA CPCC

Black colleagues and network groups have been dealing with, at a conscious and subconscious level: their own experiences of racism past and present, the external atrocity of George Floyd’s murder and countless others, the impact of the mainstream media narrative around the disproportionate number of `BAME` covid deaths, as well as trying to `show up` and continue to be professional for work.

Organisations cannot underestimate the unspoken exhaustion, emotional drain, burden and trauma black colleagues have been experiencing during this period – overlaid with the covid challenges - even though they may still be turning up to work and being ‘physically’ present via Zoom/Teams/Skype/GoTo/Hangout etc.’ It’s great that a number of companies have been openly inviting feedback and listening to personal experiences and opinions of their black colleagues at this time. However a word of caution: to be repeatedly and continuously relied upon for voluntary sharing to...

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