General Article How responsible are women for their sexualisation in the media?

Topic Selected: Sexualising Society
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A recent article in Aftonbladet revealed that the female hockey team the Vancouver Ice-O-Topes are doing a half-naked (and quite highly sexualised) photo shoot in order to financially support their team. Their reason: ‘because they love hockey so much’. The Vancouver Ice-O-Topes are, however, not the first team to do so. For example, in 2010 a New Zealand women’s rugby team produced a nude calendar in order to draw more women to the sport and to disprove the myth that rugby is ‘unfeminine’ (implying that a good way to prove one’s femininity is to take your clothes off to reveal that your body is in fact feminine, whatever that means). In 2012 the Bristol University netball players also took their clothes off in order to supplement their sponsorship. Other sports-women who have posed in little or no clothing in order to promote themselves include female high jumpers, boxers, swimmers, volleyball players, figure skaters, kayakers, tennis players, and many others. But, the sexualisatio...

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