General Article How the ‘chore gap’ is still holding female founders back

Topic Selected: Gender Equality Book Volume: 432

By Aria Babu

I live in a bubble. To me, the idea that there are, in 2022, couples that aren’t splitting their chores evenly, seems alien to me. But the data shows how naïve I am.

In opposite-sex couples in the UK, where the woman works full time 39% of them say they split their chores evenly and 38% say the woman does the majority of the housework. Only 9% of men who work full-time are responsible for the majority of housework.

Yesterday, we at The Entrepreneurs Network released a new report with Barclays about female founders and the extra barriers they face. We surveyed women who founded successful, high-growth businesses (defined here as businesses that have raised at least £1 million of equity finance). We found that despite being incredibly successful professionally, female entrepreneurs who live with romantic partners take on about the same amount of housework as other working women, with 44% saying they split their chores evenly and 38% saying they do the majority.

But, this ...

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