How the Internet changed my life

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Jan Tchamani is one of the 2013 joint Age UK Internet Champions – here she explains how the Internet has changed her life.


I always love it when Age UK asks me to put on my Internet Champion hat and write something about this subject, so dear to my heart!

I became an Age UK Internet Champion back in March, and since then – more than ever – I’ve been championing the cause of getting the over-50s out there and into the digital wonderland where I spend so much of my time.

When I’m not surfing the net for useful stuff about gardening (my newest passion), or gifts for family and friends, I’m here at my desk writing blogs (a kind of online diary) or posting photos on Facebook. And I’m campaigning for the IT needs of the over-50s to be addressed in Birmingham.

My world would be so much smaller and less efficient without this amazing machine I’m typing on right now. Last weekend, my husband Terry and

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