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For my first HelloGiggles column, I wanted to introduce myself by way of a quick guide to being British. I am British through and through – I love queuing, I like being kept on my toes by the changes of seasons and I love that I live on this tiny little island that speaks so loudly to the world. I am a bit obsessed with current affairs and always have my nose stuck into what’s going on, whether it’s from following Twitter trends, watching reality TV or reading the broadsheets. The UK creates so much beautiful art, music and style – I hope HG readers from the UK, US and all round the world like hearing what I have to say about it all. Here’s my little guide on how to be British.


Obsessively read fashion tips in magazines, blogs, columns and tweets…then go right on ahead and ignore them:

Look, our seasons change every five minutes and we just can’t scrape together enough pennies to keep updating our wardrobes all the time. Better to choose a funky signature style and stick to it ...

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