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If you’ve already started thinking about university, you’ll have probably been told by a lot of people that it will be the best few years of your life. We think they’re right.

At uni, you get to be independent, meet loads of new people and just generally have an amazing time. Oh, and you can learn a few things while you’re there, too.

But, we do know that the period leading up to uni can also feel pretty daunting at times. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to find your ideal university and degree. We want you to arrive at uni for freshers’ week and know it’s the right place for you.

How to choose a university course

Here are the best ways to find a degree that’s perfect for you:

Research your degree options online

While some people know straight away which course they want to study, for most of us, finding the right degree will be a bit trickier.

Maybe you’re interested in more than one career after uni, or there might be a few different degrees that have caught your eye. Ei...

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