General Article How to cope with the stress of student life

Topic Selected: Anxiety
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‘So this was how it was, face to face with the future – being alone, having no-one to talk to, being afraid of the city and training college and teaching, and having to pretend that I was not alone, that I had many people to talk to, that I felt at home... and that teaching was what I had longed to do all my life.’

What difficulties should I expect?

Student life is a transitional period. You do a course because you think it will enable you to do or have something that you want, such as increased job opportunities or enhanced enjoyment of life. Studying is part of a process of change and, sometimes, change can cause a lot of anxiety.

Leaving home

If you go to university straight from school, you are facing the challenge of leaving home, separating from your parents and beginning the process of finding your identity, as an adult, and your place in the world. This is a big psychological upheaval. It also involves many challenges at a practical level. You will need to practise house...

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