General Article How to find work experience in school

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Work experience is an enormously valuable part of your education. It allows you to spend time in a workplace and experience working life in a real-world setting. It looks great on your CV, allows you to hone your skills, and gives you a chance to try out a line of work to see if it’s for you.

Most school students will do work experience in Year 10, or occasionally in Year 11. If you go to Sixth Form or a further education college, you might also get a chance to do additional work experience in Year 12. Most placements last one or two weeks.

There are several ways to find great work experience placements for school students. Read on for a few of our top tips to help you find the right placement for you.

Start early

Finding a great work experience placement begins with great planning. This means you need to start looking for placements well in advance of your work experience period beginning.

Your school should let you know your work experience dates in plenty of time, if you have to...

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