General Article How to get over a friendship breakup

Topic Selected: Relationships Book Volume: 424

It’s fair to say that all breakups, no matter their nature, are painful to some extent. You might be mourning the relationship, who you were in it or what it cost to get out of it. The ending of something we held dear naturally sears with the sting of change, even when we know it’s for the best. Usually, with romantic relationships, there are familiar and culturally prescribed relationship beats we follow: we ideally define the relationship through conversation or physical touch and end it the same way. 

With platonic relationships, we’re rarely afforded the formality of clear relationship stages. It’s relatively normalised to just bumble along in friendships without the same degree of intentionality we dedicate to romantic connections. Nevertheless, the degrees of intimacy cut just as deep with our friends so that when they are lost to us, the grief can be all-consuming. Friends are our chosen family, the people we form bonds with based on our personalities, shared experiences and ...

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