General Article How to navigate healthy eating with kids without triggering problems down the line

Topic Selected: Dietary Choices Book Volume: 408

Parents are always looking for ways for their children to stay happy and healthy – and food is a huge part of this.

It’s a topic that’s more relevant than ever, too – with the pandemic contributing to soaring rates of childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes and blood pressure, mostly linked to an increase in takeaways and super-processed foods.

But talking to children about food requires a delicate balancing act. After all, even well- meaning comments can have a knock-on effect on a child’s long-term relationship with food.

So how can parents navigate healthy eating without promoting problems down the line?

Ultimately, it’s all about fostering healthy eating habits – without encouraging disordered eating or food shaming.

Experts have shared some ways to approach healthy eating with kids, as well as some key things to avoid.

Focus on health, rather than weight

Psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of The Good Play Guide, explains that it’s all about focusing on the health benefits to h...

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