General Article How your family relationships influence you

Topic Selected: Families and Parenting Book Volume: 417

Does my relationship with my parents affect my character? And can my relationship with my brother or sister affect who my friends are?

By Dr. Sunil Raheja

Family is very important; the relationships between us and our mother, father, sister or brother are the first relationships we learn to form in our lives. So it is not surprising that these relationships can have a significant impact on us later in life and even determine how well we form new relationships in the future.

We spoke to Dr Sunil Raheja, an experienced consultant psychiatrist based in London, to find out more about family dynamics and how they influence our behaviour later in life.

How does your family influence you and your behaviour?

Your family influences your behaviour in a tremendous way. We learn so much about how we interact with the world and ourselves. Family relationships cast long shadows, especially when we are young, and it goes very deep into our psyche. Young children are like sponges; they learn so mu...

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