General Article How your travels will affect local communities

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Negative impacts

Tourism can have a negative impact on local communities when carried out without respect or consideration. Indeed, tourism can cause hostility, competition, jealousy and the loss or destruction of the local culture. Many travellers fail to research before they go and simple mistakes which can often be avoided are often made, causing offence to local people and making the lives of the next travellers to visit that little bit more difficult. It’s vitally important that you make an effort to fit in, to limit the impact of your presence and to show your respect for the traditions and culture of the community that you are staying in. Otherwise, you are likely to confirm the bad reputation that travellers are gradually developing.

Loss of culture

Loss of culture can take many forms. One major change can be seen in the production of souvenirs. Once tourists arrive in an area, the local people realise that money can be made by selling their crafts to visitors. After a wh...

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