General Article 'I could make six bracelets in a day': the life of a child worker

Topic Selected: Child Rights
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For a lot of children in the UK it’s back to school after a half-term of wild weather and playing indoors! But in many developing countries, children are denied an education and forced to work as child labourers. In today’s blog we hear from Sonali, a 12-year-old girl from India, who had dreams of becoming a teacher but was forced into hours of painful work making bracelets for a pittance. Through World Vision’s help, Sonali is now in school and able to look forward to a future full of hope and possibilities.


Clutching a box of beads in her hand, Sonali sheepishly says, ‘Come, I’ll show you.’

Kneeling down, she opens the plastic container, revealing glittering plastic beads of pink, white, green and yellow. She takes a pink thread and, peeping through with one eye closed, runs it through the needle head first time with precision.

As she ties a knot at the end of the thread, she starts narrating the process of making a bracelet.

‘Now take the needle and run it through the two ...

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