General Article ‘I live a zero-waste life - here are my tips to reduce your impact on the planet’

Topic Selected: Environment and Sustainability Book Volume: 368

Kathryn Kellogg says she saves thousands each year through her zero-waste lifestyle

By Mora Morrison

In brief

  • Being zero-waste adds ‘two minutes – maximum’ to Kellogg’s day
  • All of Kathryn’s rubbish for a year fits into a regular jam jar

When Kathryn Kellogg was at school, she had a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch every day. Each sandwich was wrapped in a plastic bag, and she threw away every single one. She’s worked out that she sent around 2,275 sandwich bags to landfill.

Now, Kellogg starts every day with a smoothie (made from cauliflower - there’s no accounting for taste). This, along with all of her other purchases and unlike her childhood lunches, doesn’t produce any waste.

Kellogg is one of a growing number of people - many of them millennial women - who are part of the zero-waste movement, and her rubbish for the past year fits inside a regul

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