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‘I’ve had depression since I was a teenager. It was really bad in my early teens but I didn’t seek help until I was about 15. My GP was really helpful and supportive.

‘Over a couple of years, I tried five or six different types of antidepressant until we finally found one that worked for me and that I still take today. It really seems to sort my brain chemistry out.

‘I’m quite happy with the fact that I’m probably going to take antidepressants every day for the rest of my life. I’ve tried to stop a couple of times but my symptoms come back. If I don’t take them, I feel like I can’t cope, whereas if I do, I feel normal.

‘I had various different talking therapies when I was at medical school in my early twenties, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and general counselling. I found both very helpful and I still use the positive thinking strategies I learned.

‘CBT teaches you to change the way you think and to question your negative thoughts.

‘For example, if you’ve arran...

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